Brand New Toyota Hilux Revo Pickup 2.8L Diesel for Sale

Toyota Hilux Revo Pickups are famous for its rough usage on roughest surfaces with remarkable performance results. Either you doing a business or need a car for your family, Hilux Revo Pickups are ultimate solution for light commercial activities, sports activities and friends and family tours. The sleek, compact and robust design Hilux Revo Pickup Trucks are heavily popular in driving enthusiast for its dependable nature.

Features and Specifications

Single Cab Hilux Revo 5 speed manual transmission pickups have engine type of 4 cyl 16 valve DOHC VN Turbo Intercooler. 2.4L or 2400cc vehicle consume diesel for its smooth surface or uneven terrains driving. The front suspension is a double wishbone with stabilizer and rear suspension is a rigid type suspension. The brake applies are Ventilated Disk at front and Drum type on rear side. The driver enjoys a Rack & Pinion Power Steering System.

The robust structure exterior has been provided with a Glossy Black and Chromium Front Grill. The bumper holding on the Halogen Multi Reflector Headlights has built in LED fog lights and has color similar to vehicle’s color. The windshield glass is laminated with tint and chromium side mirrors are electrically adjustable with turn signals. The Pickup also has 3 step adjustable wipers.

The comfort of driving and seating along with interior features feels like you are traveling in a modern day luxury vehicle. Black is the ruling concept as far as interior look and feels are concerned. You get split type adjustable seats with black seating material. The door panels are black and so the black metallic front console. There is Urethane material power steering wheels for effortless handling. The 4×2 Single Cab Hilux Revo are also equipped with automatic anti-glare rear mirrors, power operated windows, jam protection driver’s window, and 5 air-flow directions manual air conditioner.

To keep you in touch with external affairs the 4×2 drive Hilux Revo has facility of Bluetooth connectivity for hand-free and music player, 2 position speakers and a short antenna at external side.

The Hilux Revo Pickups are considered as most trusted vehicle of its class and the prime reason behind this trust is its safety measures. Fuel Cap Lever at Driver Seat, Seat Belt ELR 3 Points 2 Positions with Pretensioner & Force Limiter, Driver SRS Airbag, Passenger SRS Airbag, and Knee Driver Airbag are some important features of this single cab Hilux Revo Pickup.

Car Junction Company offers this Brand New Toyota Hilux Revo Pickup 2.8L Diesel, MT 2018 for Sale at very competitive price for its Tanzania and other regional customers.

Toyota Hilux Revo Manual 2018-Black

Toyota Hilux Revo Manual 2018-Silver


Toyota Hilux Vigo Double Cab 4WD Pickup 2014, 3.0L Automatic

Toyota Hilux Vigo is known for its ruggedness in all kinds of driving conditions. A highly reliable and so the dependable vehicle of its class, Toyota Hilux Vigo 2014 is a face lifted and improved pickup vehicle for on road and off road drives.

Just look at the exterior of Hilux Vigo 2014, you find there a wide frame radiator grill with bold horizontal bars and air intake scoop. You also find forwarded and mounted headlamps which enhanced the visibility. Fog lights are installed alongside bumper for greater visibility and better illumination when required. The wing mirrors are button operated to fold or unfold the mirrors as the situation arises on driving or at parking. Further to its sporting look a short pole antenna is installed at the 2014 Hilux Vigo Pickups.

You find a comfortable black interior when you step in to 5 seats double cabin Hilux Vigo. There are sufficient space for head and leg rooms as well as for your cargo storage. 6-way Adjustable Power Seats, Centre Cluster, Steering Wheel with Audio & MID Switch, Optitron Meter, Power Windows, Multi-Information Display MID are some of the features needs to be expressed here.

Offer to Sell and Additional Features

Car Junction Company offers this Toyota Hilux Vigo Double Cab 4WD Pickup 2014, 3.0 AT For Sale with additional features like Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Power Window, Power Mirror, Anti-lock Braking System, Central Locking, and Dual AirBags.

Hilux Vigo Double Cab Pickups 2014

Hilux Vigo Double Cab Pickups 2014

Hilux Vigo Double Cab Pickups 2014

Hilux Vigo Double Cab Pickups 2014

Hilux Vigo Double Cab Pickups 2014


Toyota Hilux Revo Pickups 4WD Manual 2.4L Diesel 2018 for Sale

The Hilux Revo pickups in continuation of Hilux Vigo series is a trusted, tested and highly reliable vehicle for all sorts of traveling. A sporting off road vehicle is equally beneficial for light commercial activity and intra-city or inter-city family traveling. The Revo Pickups 2018 with thick front grill design along with new style headlamps and wider fenders has certainly improved its body structure. Chromed Toyota emblem, new front bumper with built-in rounded fog lamp and glossier lower air intakes further make it a majestic commercial and sporting vehicle.

The wing mirrors, turn indicators, bold body cladding, sporty roof rails, short antenna, standard alloy wheels all demonstrate like a perfect sporting vehicle. The large deck area with thick roll bars also helps to build an image of commercial cum adventurous vehicle. With improved ground clearance and redesigned rear suspension the Hilux is definitely a real off-roader on the roughest terrain. A new Hill Start Assist Control function enables it to climb up without the help of the clutch, making the double cab Revo a truly unstoppable force of nature.

The premier class cabin of double cab Hilux Revo seems to compete it with SUV standards. The black has taken over as the dominated color all over inside the cabin. You realize the luxury and comfort with music system touch screen multi information display, control switches, illuminated Opteron speedometer, tachometer, and air conditioning system. Power steering with mounted control, DVD navigation system and Bluetooth connectivity further enhanced the feelings of traveling in a premier class vehicle.

5 adults can travel inside the cabin with ease and comfort with spacious space available to sit on with plenty of leg rooms and headrest facility. Driver of Hilux Revo pickups now travel with more convenience on adjustable seats. The rear seats are foldable to provide extra space for your stuffs.

The Hilux Revo is not only a vehicle of super class performance. The double cab pickup assure a great deal of protection. Specifically the 2018 pickup is equipped with driver’s Airbag, front passenger’s airbag, side airbag, knee airbag, curtain airbag, Electronic Brake Distribution, Anti-Lock Brakes System with Electric Brake-force Distribution, Security Alarm, Stability Control, Immobilizer, and Electronic Door Locks.

Offer to Sell Toyota Hilux Revo Pickups Manual 2.4L Diesel 2018

Car Junction Company Thailand offer this Hilux Revo Pickup Truck Blue Manual Transmission 2.4L Diesel 2018 for sale. We are a prominent exporter of Thai Vehicles in Tanzania and other regional markets with a track record of satisfactory services of almost 3 decades at our credit.

Hilux Revo Blue Manual 2018

Hilux Revo Blue Manual 2018

Hilux Revo Blue Manual 2018

Hilux Revo Blue Manual 2018


Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco Double Cab Pickups 4×4, 2.8G Automatic for Sale

Lets set aside the attractive sales slogans, the proven and factual position shows that Toyota Hilux Pickups are trust worthy companions for all types of driving surface. Commercial and private purpose Revo Rocco Pickups are fit for the roughest terrain. The most dependable and a durable vehicle, Hilux Pickups are widely used for sports related activities other than light commercial usage.

Car Junction Company Thailand offers Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco Double Cab Pickup Trucks 4×4, 2.8G Automatic For Sale. The Rocco is equipped with 2.8-gallon diesel engine, 4×4 running gear and six-speed automatic transmission system.


The impressive and striking body structure of Double Cab Hilux Revo Rocco exhibits with grey and shiny black external grill. The front bumper reflects the body color and rear bumper is metallic grey along with black ladder is installed around. You find LED projector in high-level automatic control headlamps.
When you look inside the cabin you find black is the ruling color all around. Seat covers are black, Console panel is Black metallic and chrome, Air conditioning is black metallic, Door panels have Black lining and metallic black bands. Door Control Panel is also black metallic. Steering wheel / decoration material are Leather / Metallic Black.
The double cab vehicle is further equipped with Driving Data Display, reflective rear view mirrors, clamping system power windows, Remote key, Speed Auto Lock, battery backup system, 5 types of automatic air conditioning, Cool Box Storage compartment with Hilux Symbol.
The audio system and connection has USB / AUX device connector, FM / AM radio and disc player, touchscreen DVD connecting with Bluetooth, Phone support, Voice dialing. Loudspeakers are installed at 6 positions and there is a short form antenna.
The safety features are strengthen with LED Daytime Running Lights, LED Fog light, and also LED 3rd Brake Light, rear view camera, seat belts, SRS Safety Airbag System for Passenger and driver’s knees.

Revo Rocco Double Cab silver metallic

Revo Pickup Trucks 4x4 2.8G Rocco

Car Junction Company Thailand offers Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco Double Cab Pickup Trucks 4x4, 2.8G Automatic For Sale. The Rocco is equipped with 2.8-gallon diesel engine, 4x4 running gear and six-speed automatic transmission system.


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