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Car Junction Thailand, Exporter of Toyota Hilux Pickup Trucks direct from Thailand

Toyota Hilux About Us

Toyota Hilux double cab pickup trucks are ideal for off-road use. Car Junction Thailand offer wide variety of Hilux double cab Vigo and Revo pickups with different engine capacity, fuel and transmission.

Car Junction (Thailand) Co., Ltd is the subsidiary of Car Junction Co. Ltd. Japan, which is one of the leading vehicle export companies in Japan. CarJunction (Thailand) is working under the supervision and guidance from its head office in Japan exporting top quality Toyota Hilux Pickups such as Hilux Vigo, Hilux Vigo Champ, Hilux Revo and Hilux Revo Rocco from Thailand.
With decades of experience working in the African market with strong clientele in East African countries especially the Tanzania. We are exporting good numbers of hilux pickups to Dar es Salaam port not only for Tanzania but in transit to Zambia , Malawi and other neighboring countries.

Toyota Hilux by Car Junction Thailand

Hilux Smart Cab pickup trucks are ideal for long journeys and transportation. Car Junction Thailand offer wide variety of Toyota Vigo abd Revo smart cab pickups

Car Junction Thailand is engaged in exporting off-road pickup trucks to around the globe but the focused market is Africa, specially Tanzania. In Tanzania, the demand of these pickup trucks is very high as these trucks are good for transporting light goods with in the city and far destinations. Being located in the heart of Thailand, we are able to acquire vehicles directly from local sellers and dealers and that is the reason why our prices are below market which can not be offered by any other company.

Determined to offer quality Off-road vehicles to our clients in Tanzania

The Parent company of Car Junction Thailand Ltd. is experienced in exporting quality Japanese vehicle around the Globe.

Car Junction started its business in Japan way back in early nineties when only very few companies were engaged in this business. Very soon Car Junction grew its business in many African countries and started exporting new and used vehicles to almost all East African countries.

Established offices in many African CountriesĀ  where Car Junction Carry its stock of vehicles.

Beside exporting vehicles to Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Botswana, DRC and other African countries, Car Junction established offices and yards in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda and Botswana where Car Junction Carry stock of used and New Japanese vehicles.

Specialize in commercial vehicles andĀ  heavy construction machinery

Not only passenger cars and light transport vehicles, Car Junction doing export of commercial vehicles and heavy construction machinery. Commercial trucks and public transport vehicles having great deal of demand in African countries and Car Junction very quickly grabbed the market with its quality service and timely shipment.

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